Trianalytix - free triathlon analytics

Based on Strava data, powered by Google Sheets

Trianalytix is an advanced analytics application tailored for triathletes, integrating seamlessly with Strava data and Google Sheets. Designed to elevate the training experience, Trianalytix offers in-depth insights and metrics, enabling athletes to meticulously analyze their performance, enhance their training strategies, and achieve unparalleled success.

Latest Activities Insights

All acvtivities

Stay updated with comprehensive details from your most recent activities, including crucial metrics like Stress Score and Intensity Factor. These insights help you evaluate the impact of each session and fine-tune your training efforts for optimal results.

Daily Fitness, Fatigue, and Form Metrics

Daily form

Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, Trianalytix calculates your daily Fitness (Chronic Training Load - CTL), Fatigue (Acute Training Load - ATL), and Form (Training Stress Balance - TSB) levels. These metrics offer a deep understanding of your physical condition, enabling you to train at the right intensity and time your peak performance for race days.

Weekly Stress and Duration Analysis

Weekly stress

Gain a holistic view of your training load with weekly summaries that capture your total stress scores and training duration. This feature is instrumental in ensuring a balanced approach to training, helping you avoid overtraining and potential injuries.

Sport-Specific Weekly Stress Breakdown

Stress by sport type

Trianalytix goes a step further by providing detailed stress score analyses for each triathlon discipline: swimming, cycling, and running. This allows for targeted improvements and balanced development across all three sports.

Optimize Your Nutrition: Race Carb Calculator and Energy Drink Recipe

 Race Carb Calculator

It calculates the optimal carbohydrate intake needed during races based on the duration and intensity. This calculator ensures you're fueled correctly, maximizing energy levels and performance on race day. And Trianalytix offers a unique feature allowing athletes to create their own energy drink. This tool suggests ingredients and proportions based on your carbohydrate intake requirements and flavor preferences.

Strava and Google Sheets Integration

Effortlessly synchronize your Strava data to a Google Sheet, where Trianalytix's robust analytics engine processes and visualizes your training data. Enjoy the convenience of Google Sheets for creating custom reports and sharing insights with coaches or training partners.

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